Petrozavodsk Summer 2021 Announcement

2021-07-30 15:33:46 By QOJ_News

We invite your teams to join the 41st Petrozavodsk Programming Camp. We are hosting the camp from August 23 to August 30, 2021.

The purpose of the camp is to prepare teams for participation in the stages of ICPC World Finals. The camp program includes contests, problem analysis and time for upsolving.


The training schedule consists of 7 contests and one day off (3-1-4), the tentative camp schedule is here: https://camp.icpc.petrsu.ru/2021s/schedule

Competitions will be held on the Yandex.Contest platform. For each contest there will be a Zoom broadcast of the analysis in English.

Registration fee for 1 participant - 100$.

Teams of up to 3 members are invited to join. To register, you should send an application for participation in the training camp with the following information:

  1. University
  2. Number of participants
  3. Team names (their composition)
  4. Full names of participants
  5. Is an invitation required (indicate the name of the person to address to and their position)
  6. Specify the contract type: for an individual or an organization. For each delegation we need a contract. To prepare the contract we need the following information:
    • for an individual: a passport scan of the payer and residence address
    • for an organization: organization name, address, bank details and the person entitled to sign the contract (director etc...) The only payment method available is bank transfer.
  7. The presence of a contest (according to the rules of the camp, each university should try to prepare a contest)
  8. Full mailing address including contact name for shipment of T-Shirts (one address preferably).

The process is then the following:

  1. We create a contract, sign it and send a scan by email to you.
  2. You need to sign it and send the scan back to us.
  3. Then you are free to perform bank transfer.
  4. Then we send you the certificate of completion, you need to sign it and send the scan back to us.
  5. After that if you need hard copies, tell us the full mailing address and we will send you the contract and the certificate of completion. If the invoice is enough, we can prepare it as well.

After the application is confirmed, all participants need to register on the camp website (https://camp.icpc.petrsu.ru). The coach needs to register too, to fill up T-Shirt size. Tell us the name of the coach, so that we can identify him in the system.

Participants who registered before August 09 will receive T-Shirts with the camp's logo. We will ship the package as soon as possible and we hope that many of the participants will receive the package before the start of the camp.

Up-to-date information of the camp will be posted in the VKontakte group http://vk.com/camp_acm_petrsu


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