The 2nd Universal Cup Schedule, Summer Summit, and Finals Team Selection

2024-03-19 11:56:44 By Qingyu

We are excited to announce the onsite final competition for the 2nd season of the Universal Cup. This document outlines the season's structure and the criteria for progressing to the Finals.

Online Stages

The online stages last from September 2, 2023, to April 20, 2024. For details on the rules, schedule, and ratings, please visit the following links: rules, schedule, and ratings.

The online stages of this season will end on Apr 20, 2024. The ratings of the online stages will be finalized and published on Apr 23, 2024.

Note: As we mentioned in the rules, if you participated in the onsite event of an online stage and would like to add your onsite standings to the ratings, you must reach out to the organizing committee before April 22, 2024. We will not accept submissions after the publication of the results.


The 2nd Universal Cup Semifinals will take place online, in order to select teams for the Final Contest. The contest is scheduled on one of the last two weekends of June (June 23 or 30), with the same rules of the online stages, except the time windows part. There will be only one window for the Semifinals and it will be an original, fresh contest, which was not used in any other events. The exact time will be announced soon.

Universal Cup Finals

The 2nd Universal Cup Final event will invite at least 20 teams. The promotion process will start at least three months before the event. The promotion process is as follows.

Part 1: Online Stages (up to 10 teams)

The top 10 teams from the season's ratings will be invited to the Finals. The teams will have to choose whether to accept the invitation in the first week of the promotion process.

Part 2: Contributors (up to 2 teams)

In appreciation of teams contributing contests during the online stages, up to 2 slots are reserved. This applies to teams that submitted at least one contest but didn't qualify in Part 1. The highest-rated two among them will advance to the onsite finals. In cases where a contest is contributed by multiple teams, only one may advance using this contribution. Teams that would like to compete for the contributor slots will have to apply within the first week when the promotion process begins.

Part 3: Semifinals (at least 8 teams)

Subtracted by the number of teams promoted from Part 1 and 2, all other finals slots will be distributed through the Semifinals. Excluding teams that are already invited, teams will be invited in the order of the semifinals result. Each team will have up to 3 days to decide whether to accept the invitation. This process will start after the promotion process of Part 1 and 2 finishes and terminate when all slots are distributed.

The total number of onsite slots will be at least 20. However, the Universal Cup committee reserves the right to distribute slots if there are more.

The 2024 Universal Cup Summer Summit

The Summer Summit event will have 10 slots in total and it will only be based on the season rating. Teams will be invited in the order of the season’s rating. Each team will have up to 3 days to decide whether to accept the invitation. Note that being invited to the Summer Summit doesn’t guarantee a slot for the onsite Finals.

我们很高兴地宣布 The 2nd Universal Cup 的决赛(Finals)。本文将概述本赛季的结构、以及晋级总决赛的标准。


本赛季的线上赛从 2023 年 9 月 2 日 到 2024 年 4 月 20 日。有关线上赛的规则、日程、排名,可见:rules, schedule, and ratings.

本赛季的线上赛将于 2024 年 4 月 20 日结束。本赛季线上赛的 Rating 将于 2024 年 4 月 23 日被汇总并最终发布。

请注意:正如我们在 rules 中所提及,如果你参加了线上赛的现场比赛,并希望将你的现场排名加入排名中,你必须在2024 年 4 月 22 日之前联系组织委员会。结果公布后,我们将不再接受提交。

Universal Cup Semifinals

The 2nd Universal Cup Semifinals(半决赛)将会在线上举办,并选拔出部分进入决赛的队伍。这场比赛计划于六月的最后两个周末之一(即 6 月 23 日或6 月 30 日)举办,并具有和线上赛除 Time Window 外相同的 规则。本场比赛将只有一个 time window,且会是一场全新的,没有在任何其他活动被使用的比赛。半决赛的具体日期将在稍后被公布。

Universal Cup Finals

The 2nd Universal Cup Finals(决赛)将会邀请至少 20 支队伍。晋级的过程将在活动前至少 3 个月开始。晋级的流程如下:

第一部分:线上赛 (至多 10 支队伍)

本赛季 Rating 排行榜的前 10 名将被邀请进入决赛。所有队伍都必须在晋级过程开始的第一周内确定是否接受邀请。

第二部分:贡献者 (至多 2 支队伍)

为了感谢贡献比赛的队伍,有 2 个 Finals 的名额被贡献给了出题人。这适用于提交了至少一场比赛但在第一部分中未能晋级的团队。其中排名最高的两支将晋级到 Finals。如果一场比赛由多支团队共同贡献,只有一支可以凭借这一贡献晋级。所有申请以这种方式晋级的队伍必须在晋级过程开始的第一周内申请。

第三部分:半决赛 (至少 8 支队伍)

通过半决赛分配的名额即为总名额减去第一部分和第二部分已晋级的队伍数量。除了已经被邀请的队伍外,其他队伍将根据半决赛的结果被邀请。每支队伍有最多 3 天的时间决定是否接受邀请。这个过程将在第一部分和第二部分的晋级过程结束后开始,并将在所有名额分配完毕时结束。

决赛的名额将会至少有 20 个。然而,如果会有更多的名额,Universal Cup 组委会将保留分配剩余名额的权利。

The 2024 Universal Cup Summer Summit

The Summer Summit(夏季峰会)总共有 10 个名额,且仅通过本赛季的 Rating 进行邀请。队伍将被按照在本赛季 Rating 的排名从高到低进行邀请。每支队伍将会有 3 天的时间来决定是否接受邀请。请注意,被夏季峰会邀请并不代表获得保送 Finals 的名额。


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