2019-2020 ICPC Asia - Taipei-Hsinchu Regional

Official Notes

The checker for problem E was buggy during the contest.  It allowed teams to 
output numbers with an absolute value greater than 1000000.  When we released 
the archives, one team noticed that and reported to us.  We then fixed the 
checker and run it to verify all correct submissions again.  There are two 
misjudged submissions, but it is caused by the problem setter and the testers. 
We will not change the scores.  We apologize for the mistake.

Min-Zheng Shieh
Head of Testers and Co-Director
2019 ICPC Asia Taipei-Hsinchu Regional Contest


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Ruleset: ICPC

  • Test full dataset
  • Scoreboard available
  • Penalty: 20 minute(s)
  • Submission limit / problem: 1000
  • Scoreboard will be frozen after 4:00:00

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