Romanian Master of Informatics 2021 Day 1

  1. About the meaning of A \ {max A} in task Present

    • A is a set, max A is the maximum of set A (e.g. if A = {1, 2, 3} then max A = 3). Then, {max A} is the one-element set consisting of just max A (in my example {max A} = {3}). Finally, A \ {max A} means the set A without its maximum (in my example A \ {max A} = {1, 2, 3} \ {3} = {1, 2}). The operator “" here means set difference.
  2. Task Gardening

    • 1 <= T <= 100 000
  3. Task Gardening

    • Correction: “(i.e. where the output is not -1)” should read “(i.e. where the output is not NO)” in the English version.
  4. Speedrun

    • If the index of the goTo() function is invalid the grader will give 0 points.
  5. Interval between submissions increased

    • Due to high load, all tasks now have a 2 minutes requirement between submissions to the respective tasks. This limit might be ammended later.
  6. Present

    • Due to high load, submissions to task present now have to be made at least 5 minutes apart. We hope to decrease this limit soon.
  7. Interval between submissions decreased

    • All tasks now have a 1 minute requirement between submissions to the respective tasks. The contest will not be extended.
    • According to the rules, feedback in the last 30 minutes is possible to get but not guaranteed.
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